Elissa Kokis

Elissa Kokis

Elissa Kokis

Elissa Kokis has practiced law in the Olympia area since 2003. She received her juris doctorate from the University of Oregon School of Law. She also has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Ms. Kokis was born in New York City but grew up in Oregon and has made the Pacific Northwest her home. She believes in balanced and sustainable living. In addition to her law practice, her family owns and operates the Knee Deep Ranch, a small farm specializing in the production of healthy and nutritious eggs and meats and Otter Bend Vineyards where they recently began grape cultivation and wine production.

Life Experience

Prior to obtaining her law degree, Ms. Kokis worked in the mental health field for many years in Oregon in the treatment of persons with severe mental illness and in social learning research. She also volunteered her services with the Whitebird Clinic, a local care provider and advocacy group for the homeless and mentally ill. Ms. Kokis brings that same level of compassion and strength to her law practice.

Areas of Practice and Legal Philosophy

Ms. Kokis practices law in the areas of family law, estate planning, probate, business and contract disputes, employer-based employment advice, construction disputes and personal injury.
Ms. Kokis approaches the law practically. Philosophically, she believes that the best solutions to legal problems are found by keeping an open mind and learning all the details and facts. She works with her clients to determine what the best possible outcome is for them in any given situation. She knows that every person is different and does not utilize a one-size fits all legal model. She advocates zealously for her clients and is dedicated to making sure her clients have all the legal information necessary to make informed decisions when creating legal agreements and when resolving legal disputes. She believes that a difficult situation can be a catalyst to a better future.
Ms. Kokis is a strong advocate for collaborative practice and is the current board vice-president of the local practice group, Sound Collaboration. Collaborative practice is a dispute resolution model where the parties agree to resolve their dispute outside the courtroom setting using sound legal advice to aid in their decision-making. Ms. Kokis does legal cases collaboratively in family and probate law and is particularly interested in the application to civil dispute resolution. She believes that her business clients are best served by the cost saving and private resolution process of Collaborative law.

Professional Affiliations

Sound Collaboration, Board President. www.soundcollaboration.org
Collaborative Professionals of Washington www.collaborativepracticewashington.com
International Assn of Collaborative Professionals www.collaborativepractice.com
Thurston County Chamber of Commerce www.thurstonchamber.com
Washington State Bar Association www.wsba.org

Olympia Kiwanis Member
Thurston County Bar Association, Board Member